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“I have been seeing Alison for almost a year now. I started seeing her because I had chronic low back pain and weakness. I have improved beyond my wildest dreams.

My back hasn't gone out in over 8 months and I am leaner and stronger than before. She has never pushed me to the point of injury yet she is encouraging and supportive in a way that makes me want to push myself a little further. A true professional.”

Antoinette C. (from Yelp)

“I have been training with Alison for over a year. My chicken wing arms are gone having been replaced with lean muscle. She pushes me further than I would on my own, yet not too far. She is concerned about potential injury and is very attentive to form. I highly recommend Alison, she is an excellent trainer.”

Judi C. (from Yelp)

"I was looking to work with a personal trainer that not only understood my goals, but was just as passionate about helping me to achieve them. Working with Alison was a true pleasure, she was always so positive and built a program that worked with my injuries and my schedule. Alison is an incredible trainer and now a dear friend. I would recommend her to anyone wanting to get in shape and enjoy it at the same time!"


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