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"I am leaner and stronger than before...(Alison) is encouraging and supportive"

"I highly recommend Alison, she is an excellent trainer!”

Photo by Lynne Fried

Looking for a dedicated, strong personal trainer to help you reach your physical goals? Gain confidence? Strengthen your core? Heal from an injury? Lose weight?

Alison Barnhill, Certified Personal Trainer ISSA, is that person. Alison has helped all types of clients reach their goals. From losing weight, to back injuries, to rehabilitation from surgeries; Alison is the support you need that will help you feel and become stronger, gain confidence and live a healthier life.

Alison has helped various types of clients ranging from teenagers to senior citizen's, from beginners to professional athletes. She will provide that focus that you need in order to succeed and is with you every step of the way. She is extremely diligent and listen's to your every need. Alison wants you to feel great and transform into a healthy you. Alison offers a free consultation to assess your goals and needs. Contact Alison today!

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